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Theft Charges

Facing theft charges can involve a whole range of emotions. There are fear, confusion, regret, embarrassment and other feelings, which can change moment by moment. Considering how stressful and challenging the situation can be, a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney with experience in theft cases is a huge asset for you or a family member.

At The Hoover Firm, LLC, we understand that people make mistakes. We also know that sometimes these matters involve circumstances beyond your control or the authorities may have even charged the wrong person.

Ready To Defend Your Rights In A Theft Case

Located in Harrisburg and serving the surrounding area, we are skilled in helping clients involved in theft cases. Attorney David Hoover has more than 10 years of criminal defense experience. He sits down with the client to discuss the circumstances of the matter and explain your options for moving your case forward, whether it is going to court or negotiating a plea.

Typical Cases We See

We often work with clients facing the following charges:

  • Shoplifting
  • Credit card theft
  • Receiving stolen goods
  • Robbery and armed robbery
  • Violent theft
  • Burglary and related felonies

We Defend Your Rights

Most charges involving the theft of someone else’s property will end up in the Pennsylvania courts regardless of whether it is a felony, misdemeanor or summary offense (which is not a criminal offense). It is important to remember that the authorities are obligated to protect your individual rights. They must also provide proof that you committed the theft and that your intentions were malicious in nature.

Whether it is your first offense or a subsequent one, it is crucial to work with a defense lawyer who understands what is at stake. Criminal charges can leave a lasting impact on one’s career, education prospects and standing in the community. It can also involve prison and other severe penalties, particularly if you are a repeat offender or face felony charges.

Your Best Hope Is To Address This Immediately

The more time we have to build a defense, the better the chances for a positive outcome in your case. Call our office at 717-461-8953 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.