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Experienced And Comprehensive Criminal Defense Representation

Drawing on more than a decade of experience, our firm provides you with the personalized representation you need whether you are negotiating a plea deal or protecting your rights at trial.

Criminal Defense Charges

We emphasize personalized legal attention when we protect you from criminal charges.

Driving While Under The Influence

Getting charged does not mean your case is open and shut, regardless of whether alcohol or drugs were involved.

Drug Charges

While Harrisburg has decriminalized marijuana possession, we handle a variety of drug charges.

Firearms Rights

We often work with clients who have had weapons confiscated under questionable circumstances.

Seasoned Legal Judgment In Criminal Defense Matters

At The Hoover Firm, LLC, we focus on protecting the rights of individuals facing criminal charges in Harrisburg and its surrounding communities of Pennsylvania. When doing so, we provide you with a personalized legal experience tailored to the specific needs of your criminal law case and your own individual goals.

Candid Guidance From Experienced Legal Counsel

We make it our job to provide you with the comfort that comes from understanding your rights, your legal options and how the legal process applies to your case. At all times, you will be able to rely on our firm for the candid feedback you need in order to make intelligent choices about your future.

Our firm can provide you with that level of customized legal representation because our firm’s founding lawyer, David Hoover, holds more than a decade of criminal defense experience as an attorney. He has been down these roads many times with many different clients.

As a result, he provides you with the judgment you need in order to choose from your legal options wisely. Not every option is right for every client. You can depend on us to point you in the right direction when you face any criminal charges, including driving under the influence (DUI) and related matters or charges involving firearms.

You can also count on our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area firm to help you understand when a particular option such as negotiating or going to trial either does or does not best serve your interests. As experienced trial counsel, attorney Hoover knows how to match your needs with the right legal option for you.

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