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Defending Your Freedom Through Self-Defense

Self-defense is an important argument in the criminal justice system. Whether it is a situation where the “stand your ground” law applies to protecting yourself, or it is the use of lethal force in protecting your home and family under the “castle doctrine”, self-defense is a legal and viable defense option in Pennsylvania.

The Hoover Firm, LLC, in Harrisburg handles all types of criminal defense charges and often works with clients in need of gun rights representation. To us, self-defense is a crucial legal concept that enables everyone to protect themselves and loved ones. Nonetheless, legal help will sometimes be needed. Experienced criminal defense lawyer David Hoover will listen to your side of the story. He will then create an effective strategy for defending you against your charges and defend your self-defense response as necessary.

Common Reasons For Self-Defense

This includes concerns for the following:

  • Death of you or a loved one
  • Serious bodily injury of you or a loved one
  • Kidnapping or abduction
  • Sexual intercourse coerced through threat or force

The Duty To Use Common Sense

Protecting oneself or loved ones from harm is acceptable in the eyes of the law, but there are some considerations that must be weighed. Citizens cannot simply shoot people if they feel threatened. Common sense must be applied before engaging the aggressor. It comes down to questions regarding whether the defense is necessary. Common points to consider include:

  • Was there the ability to safely walk away, escape or avoid confrontation?
  • Was the other party posing a serious threat with a dangerous weapon?
  • Did the other party seem capable or trained to use deadly force without a weapon?
  • Was the response on your part proportionate to the perceived threat?

How An Attorney Can Help

Exclusively focused on helping clients in criminal defense cases, David Hoover understands how the criminal justice system works. He effectively represents clients in court or during negotiation with the prosecution to provide a strong defense to gain a positive outcome based on self-defense.

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