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About Our Firm

For more than a decade, attorney David Hoover has protected the rights of those facing criminal charges throughout the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area and its surrounding communities. When you need personalized assistance from an experienced attorney, you, too, can depend on David Hoover.

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Why Experience Matters

With more than a decade of experience as a lawyer to his credit, attorney Hoover understands how the criminal defense system works here. He understands how prosecutors and judges have viewed cases similar to yours in the past.

As a result, he can provide you with the legal guidance you need that is relevant to your specific circumstances. To make that representation as tailored as possible to your particular legal needs, he works with all of our firm’s clients on a one-to-one basis.

Building a traditional, personalized attorney-client relationship with all of our clients is a priority at The Hoover Firm, LLC. Understanding what makes your case unique makes it possible to build a case we can effectively present to the court and, if negotiating on your behalf, with the prosecutor assigned to your case.

Further, we draw on that knowledge and experience to help you understand how the legal process applies to your case. You will be able to rely on us to give you the candid assessment of your situation you need to make intelligent choices about your case.

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