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Firearm Rights And Restoration

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is one of the stricter states when it comes to gun control laws. There are a number of different restrictions that apply to those who wish to own or carry a firearm. Felony convictions will always disqualify citizens from owning a gun, yet some misdemeanor conviction will prevent ownership. Sometimes gun rights are in question because of error in the complicated paperwork that gun owners must fill out, or there may be a failure to renew a permit on time.

The Hoover Firm, LLC, provides staunch defense of gun rights for individuals. Based in Harrisburg, David Hoover is a criminal defense lawyer who represents clients who were wrongly stripped of their Second Amendment right, or fulfilled their legal obligations and penalties, and they now wish to restore their firearm rights. Customizing our approach to fit the needs of the case, we work with you to challenge local ordinances as well as state laws.

Four Main Points Of Firearm Legislation

The guns laws are different from state to state. While our neighbors to the east like New Jersey, Maryland and New York have stricter laws, Pennsylvania’s guns laws nonetheless still include the following:

  • Mandatory universal background checks
  • Prohibitions for individuals with domestic violence convictions
  • Prohibitions for high-risk individuals

Who Cannot Legally Purchase A Firearm

The most commonly applied restrictions include the following:

  • You were convicted of violent misdemeanor or felony.
  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • You were convicted of three DUIs within five years.
  • You are a convicted drug user or have alcohol-related offenses.
  • You are the subject of an active restraining order.

License To Carry Firearms

With the exception of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania allows individuals to open carry a gun without a license. However, individuals must obtain a license to carry firearms if they wish to carry a concealed weapon in the Keystone state.

Restoration Of Gun Rights

The commonwealth does allow for the restoration of firearm rights in certain situations and after 10 years have passed since a conviction. However, there may still be a federal ban in your case, if you were charged in federal court.

Let Us Protect Your Gun Rights

The fact is that folks in central Pennsylvania like to hunt. Moreover, guns owners are allowed to protect themselves and their families. While special interest groups and some government officials would like to further regulate firearm ownership, the laws can still work in gun owner’s favor with help from the right attorney.

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